The Development

Kerepeti consists of two new neighbourhoods at Hobsonville Point, Kerewhenua and Uku.  These neighbourhoods will create new connections with the land, the community and the future. 

Containing a mix of sizes and styles, Kerepeti features a number of one to three bedroom apartments and up to four bedroom terrace homes. These are already under construction. 

The first homes will be ready for their new owners in 2018.  

As with the rest of Hobsonville Point, Kerepeti will have a number of Axis Series homes available for sale through the ballot system.  For further information on Axis Series homes within Kerepeti, register your interest


Kerewhenua, located in close proximity to the Hobsonville Point primary school, has been architecturally designed by Context Architects and is being built by Naylor Love and Classic.

With 111 homes in a range of sizes and pricing options, Kerewhenua offers buyers a fresh, new start in the growing Hobsonville Point Community. With architecturally designed apartments being constructed by Naylor Love and terrace houses and walk-ups being built by Classic, Kerewhenua brings quality and stylish living into reach. 

Stage One will see 22 apartments and 7 terrace homes available for sale.  


Uku, located directly across the road from the Hobsonville Point high school, has been architecturally designed by Context Architects and is being built by Haydn & Rollett and Jalcon. 

Slightly smaller than Kerewhenua with 97 homes, Uku continues to shape the Hobsonville Point community with modern living options.  With apartments being built by Haydn & Rollett and terrace homes being built by Jalcon, Uku offers great options for anyone wanting to shape their future at Hobsonville Point.

Stage One will see 12 terrace homes available for sale.

For information on what is currently available within Kerepeti, register your interest or contact one of our sales agents on 0800 299 099

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Kerepeti offers a new layer of life, a chance for you to place your story on top of many stories already found in the clay. Make the most of this opportunity by registering your interest today and be amongst the first to make Kerepeti your home.

Come join us. Shape your future at Kerepeti.

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